Cesar de Melero

When Spain began in club culture , he was already there. Listening , selecting and djing. Long before exercise as a DJ in the best clubs in the British Isles and the French capital, Cesar de Melero was that in the late 70s came to Ibiza hippie and with their vinyl delighted people at KU room . And at 80 , he did the same in Ars Studio in Barcelona. Cesar de Melero is one of the pillars of House music in Spain . In its own right , one of the promoters and pioneers of this sound in this country. With 30 -year career behind the decks , his work has been recognized in the best clubs in Paris , Milan, Amsterdam , London , Tel- Aviv , Miami , Moscow, Bogota , Bali , Dubai , Casablanca and Buenos Aires and course throughout the national territory. He was one of the creators of the “Balearic Beats ” particular sound of the island of Ibiza in the 80s . The “White Island ” propelled him to international recognition . • Resident DJ in Ibiza Ku ( Privilege from 97 ) for 10 years. • One of the first DJ’s Space Ibiza • One of the first DJ’s residents Pacha Ibiza • Amnesia resident DJ at the party ” People from Ibiza ” for 6 years. The first to bet and click House and Acid House in Ibiza LABELS In 1994 Cesar de Melero created with three other partners in Paris , the label PRO- ZAK TRAX , one of the most renowned “French Touch” . Aleem , Seven Dub, Kojak , or DOD Grant Phabao are some of the most important artists of the label supported by international Deejays from the likes of Fatboy Slim , DJ Sneak and Armand Van Helden and others AWARDS With a long history of awards, among them : – DJ Award in recognition of his contribution to electronic music in this country (Edition DJ Awards 1998) – DJ Mag Best DJ House. (1999 and 2000) – DJ Oner for Best House DJ . (2001 ) – DJ Award , along with DJ Pippi Honorary Award for his work in Ibiza ( DJ Edition Awards2005 ) – DJ Mag for his life ( DJ Mags 2005 Edition ) – DJ Mag for best album ” My Definition” ( DJ Mags 2006 Edition ) – DJ Mag nomination as best CD of the year with his work “Clap your hands I” and “Clap your hands II” . (Edit DJ Mags 2007) – Recognized as one of the top 100 DJs in the world by DJ Magazine (UK ) CREDENTIALS Several events have trusted household name Cesar de Melero in one or more of its editions : • Sonar Festival of Electronic Music • Monegros Festival • Marlboro Dance Tour • Dance Weekender Europe • Dance Valley • MTV Festival • Cannes Film Festival Contributions:      * For Giorgio Armani in several of his shows Emporio Armani in Milan.      * To Radio 3 to the ” I still have not recovered … ”      * Collaborating with legendary Deejay Magazine review articles “Tales of Yebissah”    ( Transformed into http://www.deejay.es online portal). RADIO Every Tuesday at Ibiza Global Radio at 01:00 pm live and online . Every fifteen days in ScannerFM.com where SubMachinGun presents . A review of his extensive discography and ’80s music .

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